1.  FAQ

a.  Frequently Asked Questions – Vietnam


2.  Legislation

a.  Important Legislation:  PASSED SIGNED INTO LAW, Toxic Exposure Research Act 2015 “This legislation, a necessary first step, has been a top priority for VVA,” noted Rowan. “It will lay the groundwork for the research we need on the health of our children and grandchildren, whom we believe have been impacted by exposures during our military service–and in keeping with our founding principle, ‘Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another,’ this legislation will ensure that our newer veterans will not have to wait 50 years for answers.”

b.  Other Important Legislation affecting veterans and their families


3.  Facebook Groups

a.  Agent Orange Living with Agent Orange:  A support group for families of veterans exposed to Agent Orange and the veteran.

b.  Agent Orange Legacy – Chiari:  Chiari Malformation affects a large number of adult children of veterans exposed to Agent Orange. It is our intent to gather details from as many adult children as we can.   We will then petition the VA to recognize Chiari as a qualifying birth defect associated with Veterans’ qualifying service in Vietnam or Korea.

c.  Toxic Military Exposures Our Health:  The purpose of this group is to begin to gather information from the wives, widows, partners and mothers of the children of veterans lost to Agent Orange and other toxic military exposures.


4.  Veteran Descendants Health Regisitries:  The only National birth defect registry in the United States. This registry is sponsored by Birth Defect Research for Children. It has two special sections that collect data on military exposures in Vietnam and during the Gulf War. National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) offers two rare disease patient registries


5.  Resources

a.  LOVME Reported Illness List


6.  Birth Defect Research for Children:  National Birth Defect Registry

a.  Register now:  Important Message to Children of Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange

b.  BDRC Children Center Petition:  Sign the Petition 

c.  Agent Orange Birth Defects by Betty Mekdecki, Direction of Birth Defect Research for Children


7.  Veterans’ Claims and Appeals

a.  Important Message to Children of Vets Exposed to Agent Orange:  File Form 21-0304

b.  Agent Orange Legacy – Chiari  Two (2) biological children of veterans exposed to Agent Orange  have been approved for Entitlement to a monetary allowance under 38 U.S.C.A. § 1805, because it was found that, in both appeals, Chiari is a form and manifestation of spina bifida.


8.  Veteran’s Records

a.  Request Your Military Service Records Online, by Mail, or by Fax (Includes DD 214/Separation Documents, Personnel Records, and/or Medical Records)


9.  Agent Orange Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial – AOVVM 

a.   AOVVM on facebook an online memorial honoring the lives of our veteran’s and their children lost to Agent Orange.

b.  To add your veteran or the veteran’s child lost to Agent Orange, just click on the link below for the veteran or the veteran’s child:

(1)  Add your veteran here

(2)  Add the veteran’s child here

10.  Faces of Agent Orange:  An Agent Orange education campaign; a project of Vietnam Veterans of America

a.  Town Hall Meeting Schedule

b.  Has Your Child or Grandchild’s Health Been Affected by Your Military Service?


11.  Medical Research

a.  Study Links Autism to Epigenetic Changes in Dad’s Sperm:  Findings suggest that fathers’ exposure to environmental hazards may alter gene activity in ways that predispose children to autism.

b.  Woman Links Cancer to Fathers’ Exposure to Agent Orange

c.  Are you a Vietnam Veteran?  Help Us Investigate the Impact of Agent Orange

d.  15 Signs of Chari Malformation in Babies

e.  NIH Scientists Uncover Genetic Explanation for Frustrating Syndrome

f.  Reports link Agent Orange exposure and birth defects


    1. Hi Colleen, Yes, we believe that our children are sick and born with birth defects due to the veteran parent’s exposure to Agent Orange.

  1. I live in Australia and my father is a Vietnam Veteran. My older brother was conceived before my fatherbwent to Vietnam and has no health issues at all and neither does any of his children. My identical twin brother and I suffer major mental health issues. And so does my 2 children and my twin brothers 2 children. My twin and I suffer endocrine problems as well. As my father does. Any information on similar findings would be extremely helpful. As in Australia it is next to impossible to get an help from Veterans Affairs with any mental health or heath conditions as they do not recognise any of these conditions could be attributed from agent Orange. People I went to school with who’s father also served in Vietnam have nearly identical problems themselves and with there children also. Thank you for your time. Brett.

    1. Hi Brett, I have met [online] other adult children like yourself. Here, in the states, Veterans Affairs only recognizes spina bifida in the children of male Vietnam veterans. Unfortunately, we are in the same circumstances as you except for the children of women Vietnam veterans. They observe a number of birth defects. Also, as with you and your family, veterans children born prior to service in Vietnam were not ill. If you have any further questions you can reach me at

  2. We were looking into potential causes of how/why the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran(zone 1) has polycystic ovarian disease and found this article.

    If enough abnormal increases in AO children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are reported, perhaps the next government report will be more accurate. The real issue is the 100% of the AO wives don’t know that dioxin damaged veterans sperm and was transmitted to children, grandchildren et al thru DNA.

    Skinner’s group used low in vivo doses of dioxin, so that toxic effects were not expected. Female rats were exposed while pregnant, and both their direct progeny and descendants two generations removed were examined.

    Although the most prominent phenotypes were kidney disease in males and polycystic ovarian disease in females, a number of other effects including abscesses, colon impaction, lung abnormalities, and missing testes were also observed in animals from the dioxin-treated lineage.

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